Display Days is Live!

At Fine Home Displays, we've been using our Facebook Page to keep up with our customers for the past couple of years.

Fine Home Displays Facebook Page

If you're reading this, chances are, you may follow us on Facebook, and may have even written a post or two of your own on our page! Facebook has been a great way for us to communicate special promotions and discounts, plus the latest trends in displays for the home and for retail settings.

But over the past couple of years, we've found that sometimes, there is just more information that we'd like to share with our customers than we can fit in a Facebook Posting. Plus, with Facebook, our "fans" have to create an account, and log in to Facebook to keep up with us.  With our customers leading busy lives...often too busy to log in to Facebook, we thought that a blog might be the answer. With a blog, our customers can "follow" us by email, so that each time we post, they can sign up to receive that post, and all future posts, in an email.....and Voila! One less place to log in!

Plus, with a blog, we have the space to provide more detailed information about the things our customers want to know. If you've shopped at our store, Fine Home Displays, you may have wondered about things, like:

  • How to install a plate rack on your wall
  • How to figure out what size plate frame will work for your special collectible plate
  • How to select the correct size dome to display a figurine
  • How to select the right size platter display for your larger platter

And the list goes on and on...you see, we've been listening to you!

With our new blog, we also will have plenty of space to share the latest trends in display accessories as well as all of the great ideas our staff and you, our customers, have for new ways to display the many treasures you have in your home.

We're really looking forward to this new venture, and are so excited that you'll be joining us!
Fine Home Displays - FHD Unlimited, Inc.