It's Wedding Season...

It's that time of year.  The April showers are over (hopefully!) and the sun is shining.  The trees are in bloom and the birds are chirping. I think most would agree that the late Spring is just a beautiful time of year. Perhaps that's why so many couples decide to get married in May and June. Of course, this is just the kick off to what we, at Fine Home Displays, call Wedding Season. From now through October, churches, florists, wedding planners, banquet halls, and event venues are at their busiest making sure that couples are having the best day possible to celebrate their marriage.

Nowadays, weddings are quite a production. Couples often spend over a year planning every detail of their special day, sometimes with the help of a wedding planner. When the day arrives, they can't believe how fast the actual wedding day flies by. After it is over, wouldn't it be wonderful to have a few keepsakes, in addition to the almost obligatory photos and video? Especially ones that you could have out to remind you of your commitment to one another.

You may be wondering why a company like Fine Home Displays is taking up space musing about weddings and celebrations, but since we specialize in displaying prized keepsakes, weddings have come to be one of our areas of attention. And just as with other mementos that you have, we can help you preserve, protect and display keepsakes from your wedding!

The focus today is on wedding flowers. Couples sink some serious cash into the flowers for the wedding, so it is really great to be able to preserve some of them to enjoy for longer than just a week or so. There are all kinds of floral arrangements in all kinds of colors for the bride.

Some opt for traditional bouquets,
beautiful in their simplicity and grace.

Some go for a more modern &
funky look, adding bold color and style.
And of course, we don't want to leave out the groom...he has options too!

A single calla lilly is a classic
& elegant choice.

This modern look is a showstopper!

All of these flowers were designed by Market Blooms in Columbus, OH

These looks are so stunning, who wouldn't want to preserve them! It's actually easier than you think! Take a look at what some couples have done to create a meaningful display that represents their wedding day.

Wow! This huge bridal bouquet is
a stunner displayed in a large
glass dome.

This bouquet and boutonniere are
a perfect pair displayed in a dome
and on an ornament stand.

This classic bouquet takes on
a vintage feel in a glass dome
with walnut base.

For a smaller space, just the top
of the bouquet fills this dome.

The colors in this bouquet
capture a shabby-chic look.

And let's not forget those grooms and their boutonnieres!

A small dome is the perfect
way to display a single bloom.
What a wonderful wedding favor!

Fine Home Displays has the best selection of Glass Display Domes and Ornament Stands for you to choose from when considering the preservation of your wedding floral arrangements. 

In order to display your flowers, you will need to dry them first. Drying your wedding flowers is actually simple to do in your own home, and will preserve your special flowers for years to come. You will want to find a cool and dry place where you can hang the bouquet or boutonniere upside down for four to six weeks. If possible, it really helps to have a fan blowing on the flowers as much as possible to speed the drying process. You can attach a string or wire to the handle of the bouquet or the stem of the boutonniere...most florists use twine or wire to wrap the base of the flower arrangements where the ribbon goes (the handle). When hanging the flowers, be sure to use a needle with fishing wire or sturdy thread to go through this twine/wire so that as the flowers dry (and shrink), they do not slip off of your hanging line. Hanging your flowers upside down will help they dry in an upright position so they will look much the same as they did on your special day. While the fan may seem like an inconvenience, it will help the flowers to dry faster. And the faster they dry, the more color they will retain over time. One creative idea is to hang your flowers from the center chain of a running ceiling fan. Or, you can use a standard table fan set to blow on the drying flowers.

After four to six weeks of drying time, the flowers should be completely dry, and the bouquet ready to display! You can test the dryness level by trying to snap off a stem from the bottom. It should snap off cleanly, like a dry twig. If it's not quite ready, hang it back up to dry a little longer.

You may want to order your ornament stand and/or glass dome when you are about halfway through the drying process. When sizing your dome, you will want to keep in mind that even though your bouquet will shrink in the drying process, it is best to allow for at least an inch on all sides of the bouquet, including the top. If you have any questions about sizing, you can contact us by phone, fax  or email. We'd be happy to assist you! 

You will also want to be sure that you have a few things on hand to put your display together and give it a professional look:
  • a power drill 
  • a small saw 
  • a hammer 
  • some wood glue
  • a wood dowel that is 1/8" - 1/4" in diameter (even a bamboo chopstick could do the trick, depending on the height of your arrangement). 
If you have all these things together before the flowers are ready to go, when they are completely dry, you will be ready to set up your display. 

Once the flowers are dry, take the bouquet down and remove the hanging thread/wire from the bouquet. Re-arrange the dried flowers to make them appear as full and well distributed as possible. Cut the wood dowel to the length that you need for the size of your arrangement. Use the power drill to make a hole in the center of the dome base that is just slightly smaller in size than the diameter of the wood dowel you are using. Try not to drill all the way through the dome base, but instead just go halfway down the thickness of the base. Squeeze a bit of wood glue into the hole and insert the dowel into the hole. It will be tough to get in so gently use the hammer to coax it all the way down. Wipe off any excess glue on the base. Slide the bouquet onto the dowel, and re-position it until it is straight. Put the dome over top to test the sizing. If the bouquet is too tall, you may have to remove it (carefully) from the dowel and cut it down a bit from the bottom. If you do have to trim, you will want to unwrap the ribbon if there is any on the base, make your cuts, and then re-wrap it, so all of its edges remain finished. Once the size is right, put the bouquet back on the dowel, and place the dome over top, lining it up with the groove in the base.

All that is left to do is find the perfect spot to display your wedding flowers! Your wedding is a celebration of the love you and your partner share with each other. Every time you see your flowers, you will remember your special day, and be reminded or your special someone...and that will make you smile. 

Cheers to Love!

We wonder if that famous bouquet is
preserved in a dome somewhere
in Kensington Palace!

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