Autumn is Wreath Time!

Display Days has been on a bit of a hiatus during the Summer months. But now that the warm weather has officially left us, it's time to hunker down and get back to the design of our homes, and the display of the many items we collect and treasure.

I don't know about you, but I love this time of year!!! The air gets a bit cooler, the leaves on the trees turn color and begin to fall. While Autumn hikes are beautiful, I always find myself focusing more on the interior of my home at this time of year. With all of the beauty that Autumn brings, it's natural to want to bring some of that color and texture into your home for the long winter ahead.

And what better place to start than at your front door? A beautiful Fall wreath is the perfect way to create a homey atmosphere right from the time you and your guests enter your home! If you've shopped with Fine Home Displays before, you know that we have a great selection of over the door wreath hangers! But you may not know that we actually have an exclusively designed wrought iron wreath hanger. Fine Home Displays is the only place you will find this Long Wrought Iron Wreath Hook.

You can see that since it measures in at 24" long, it allows a larger wreath to hang closer to the center of your door, which makes for a much more pleasing display. Thanks to one of our customers who was nice enough to email us a photo of their beautiful Autumn wreath hanging on the Long Wrought Iron Wreath Hanger! It's always wonderful to see how customers use the display accessories that we sell!

If an extra long wreath hanger doesn't suit your needs, we have many other styles of door wreath hangers to choose from on our website...from gold finishes, to bronze and beyond, we've got the perfect wreath hook for your Autumn Wreath.

If you haven't already checked our Pinterest Boards, you may want to take a look. We've got so many great ideas about how to use the many display accessories that are available at Fine Home Displays. We even have a board dedicated to Wreaths and Hangers. Who knows, you may find the perfect idea for your Autumn wreath...and of course, you know where to find the wreath hooks and hangers!

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