Downton Abbey Withdrawal...

You may have noticed in our last post there was a photo from the popular BBC series Downton Abbey. Along with millions of Americans, and really, people around the world, we too got swept up in the dramas at Downton! And now that the third season has wrapped up, we're going through a bit of withdrawal!

We thought that some of you might be missing Downton too, so we decided to revisit our time in early 20th century England by looking at some of the interiors. Throughout all of the seasons, we noticed that there were so many beautiful displays and display accessories on the sets of the show. Of course, we are very tuned into these kinds of things, more than the average don't be concerned if you didn't notice.

For instance, the normal Downton viewer would probably have been wrapped up in William's passing, but we couldn't help but notice the beautiful glass dome set up with a charming vignette in the background.

Can you see the dome just behind Daisy?

Or what about these beautiful glass cloche bell jars set up with displays behind Lady Mary? They are really in the background and out of focus so they are easy to miss....but when you look closely, there they are! And they really add to the scene!

Those domes almost steal the scene from Lady Mary!

How about the many beautiful collectible plates that were on display at Downton? Can you see this large platters in stands in the background, behind Lady Mary? You may have missed them because I think there was about to be some drama between Lady Edith and Lady Mary....and most would find that more intriguing than plate and platter displays! But not us!

There are several platters and plates on display next to William.
Look at how dramatic this dining table beautiful that you may have missed the super large and stunning platter on display on a platter easel on the side board under the huge Van Dyke painting.

A huge platter looks small under that painting!

How about these simple voile displayed with plate wires on the wall at Lady Crawley's more demure house?

Funny to see the crew in modern dress walking around!

Besides reminiscing about our beloved Downton, we wanted to point out how great the shows set designers are at using small details like creating displays rich with texture and family sentiment to make the show feel so authentic. Downton Abbey itself has become a character to the viewers in part because of the sets and the displays.

More important than this, we wanted to plant the seed that you can do the same thing in your own home! Rather than shop at big box stores for wall art, why not look through the sentimental family items that you already have. Your grandma's old milk glass plates, a set of tin trays handed down by your great aunt, a pocket watch from your grandfather....these treasures are far more interesting, meaningful and beautiful than any factory produced art you could buy. Plus, by putting them on display, you get to really enjoy them, rather than have them packed away in a box up in the attic!

Made possible by plate wires!

Plate wire magic again!

Protected & Displayable!

So go ahead....delve into those boxes in the attic and basement....dig out your treasures.....then come to Fine Home Displays and we'll help you find the perfect way to display them in your home! That's right...we're bringing the Downton back!

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