New Ideas in Display!

We wanted to take a little time to share some exciting new ideas in the world of display! We've talked about displaying the items you love, so you can really enjoy them rather than hiding them away. And we're going to continue in that line of thinking. We've added a couple of new categories to our line up.

The one we are all REALLY excited about it Kitchen Displays! What are Kitchen Displays you might ask...well, think about all the tools you use in your kitchen when you are preparing a meal, or entertaining. So many of them are hidden away in drawers and cabinets. And let's face it...some of those kitchen accessories are expensive, and works of art all by themselves. So we thought...why not have a way for our customers to have those items out on display, and also right at their fingertips, making cooking a bit easier? So we've added things like Pot RacksUtensil RacksServing Plate Holders and Table Caddies to our line up.

Simple Design & Made in the USA!

Breakfast is served!
Picnic anyone?

Great way to display dessert! YUM!

The pieces we've selected really are great for just displaying your items. But we've made sure that they are functional too. Our Pot Racks will help save cabinet space for you...and counter space too, for that matter! By using space hanging from the ceiling, that would normally be unused, your whole kitchen will feel more efficient. Our Utensil Holders will do the same thing, making use of empty wall space to help you keep your drawers and counter tops a bit more organized and less cluttered.

Get those utensils out of the drawer
and on to the wall!

And all of our Tiered Plate Holders will help keep your counters or serving table clear, by stacking your serving plates, rather than spreading them out across the surface. Brilliant!

Great space saver!

And we're not done yet. The buyers at Fine Home Displays are constantly on the search for products that will not only help you make the most of the items that mean the most to you, but also for display accessories that will help to make your life easier and a little more stylish too! So be on the lookout for even more Kitchen Display Accessories in the near future!