Some Personal Displays from FHD

So after posting about displaying your own personal treasures, we thought we'd give you some ideas based on what some of us here have done in our own homes.You probably know that Fine Home Displays is a small, family owned and operated business. And we are always looking for ways to bring our family and our work together, so we really do use the products we sell! So two staff members decided to share some of the items they have on display.

In keeping with our latest obsession with glass domes, check out this new one that we have available.

Some family heirlooms in a dome
Instead of a round dome, it is an oval shape. And it's huge! It measures in at 12" wide x 6" deep x 15" high, so it can really display a large collection of small items or just one or two large items. You can see that this FHD staff person, Lyen, has chosen to display just a few larger items inside it...One is an antique espresso pot from her mom's side of the family, and one is an antique hand mixer/beater from her dad's side of the family. They look great together, don't they? Displayed on the mantle in her living room, it's become quite a conversation piece!

Now for a smaller display....a matchbook from a restaurant that another FHD staff person, Rebecca, went to as a child, that is no longer in business. She has some great memories of celebrating birthdays there as a kid with her family, and now, she can revisit those memories every time she walks by this display!

This looks really cool!
This small Nimbus case is a really cool way to display an item that has stuff on both sides because the double silicone films allow you to view both sides of the case and the item.

Okay, just one more display to share! This one is kind of cool, because Rebecca gave it to Lyen one Christmas. This music box actually used to hang on the wall in Rebecca's family kitchen when she was growing up. It had a long cord that you could pull to hear the song "Dominique".

Now that song is stuck in your head!
Rebecca and Lyen have had a running joke about that song...singing it for one another to get it stuck in the other person's head. Now, I'm sure you have it stuck in your head! Anyway, one Christmas, Rebecca's husband, Thad (also on staff at FHD!) refurbished the music box so that it played music again, and restored some broken pieces of the front. They then presented it to Lyen and her family, along with this nifty plate stand so that it could be displayed. What a great gift! It's still displayed in Lyen's house...and it's pretty special, since Lyen is married to one of Rebecca's brothers, who also has great memories of pulling the cord to hear the song. So now, they get to pass on not only the cool music box to their kids...but also the fun memories associated with it.

We're hoping this gives you some ideas about sentimental items you may have hidden away...and how you can bring them back into the present by displaying them in your home! We'd love to see and hear about your family's memories and displays!

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