Finally, Plate Frames
for Larger Plates!

For some time, our customers have been asking us for quality plate display frames that can hold larger plates. We've always had Round Red Walnut Finish Plate Frames and Round Oak Plate Frames, but these only hold plates sized 6.5" - 10.25". And besides that, they do not have glass covering the plate. These suit the needs of many who have an assortment of antique or collectible plates to display. In fact, these are our most popular plate frames. But for those with larger plates, these do not fit the bill.

Great frames for collectible plates!

For people looking to matte their plates, we've had more limited options....or more like, option! We have had only one size of octagon plate frame that could accommodate plates sized 8" - 9.5" in diameter. So if you had smaller or larger plates, and wanted them in a matted frame, you were just out of luck!
Beautiful frame, but only for 8" - 9.5" plates!

One other thing about the plate frames that we have carried in our store over the past years....while very nice, and of outstanding quality, these are all imported from overseas. We pride ourselves on having at least some items in each of our product lines that are made in the USA, but in this category, we had been unable to find a craftsperson in the States who made frames for plates that met our quality standards.

We have kept up the search for more varieties of plate frames, and in 2013, our diligence has paid off! We found a manufacturer of amazing octagon plate frames right here in the United States. And, what is even better is that they will make frames to accommodate plates ranging in size from 4" in diameter all the way up to 12" in diameter! Finally, some gorgeous, US made plate frames for both larger AND smaller plates!

What an elegant display of a keepsake plate!

These frames are available in solid oak for 6" - 9" plates and for 9" - 11" plates, in a variety of finish colors.

Oak frame with no plate
Variety of finish colors available!

We also have these octagon frames available constructed from MDF, which allows for almost invisible joints, and none of the shrinking and swelling that can happen with wood. Plus, our MDF finishes will not darken or lighten over time. They are also a bit less expensive than the solid oak frames, but are equally as beautiful. The best part is the size range available! You can display a 4" - 7" plate, a 7" - 9" plate, a 9" - 10" plate, a 10" - 11" plate, or an 11" - 12" plate in this style of plate frame. And these frames are available in all sorts of finish colors and velvet matte colors. Amazing!!

Rosewood Finish with
Champagne Velvet

Many Finish Colors!

With all of these size ranges available, you may be a bit overwhelmed, and confused about how to measure your plate so you can be sure you are selecting the right size frame. If you refer to our earlier post about how to measure your plates by clicking here, you are sure to get the information you need. Of course, you can always contact us by clicking here for more assistance. We are happy to help!

This is the first time in our history that we have been able to offer this level of quality in a plate frame paired with this type of selection in finish colors and plate sizes! And we've got even more coming, because our manufacturer also can make this style of frame to hold two plates together in an elongated octagon. Keep checking our site because these will be up and available soon.

These frames almost have the look of elegant shadow boxes. They allow you to display your plate and keep it protected at the same time. You can hang these on the wall, or you could even display them in a larger plate or platter easel on a shelf or tabletop. 

Admittedly, these frames do come with a higher price tag than our imported frames. But we think that you will find the craftsmanship of these beautiful frames, along with the fact that you are buying a completely American made product, to be worth the cost. At Fine Home Displays, we strive to offer as many American made products as possible, despite the fact that these cost more. We enjoy supporting businesses owned and operated in America, and we think that our customers do too!

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