Help Dad Get His Collection on Display for Father's Day!

It's been so chilly here in the Midwest these last few days that I almost forgot about Father's Day! It just doesn't feel like June yet...but I took one look at the calendar and thought, "Today is the perfect day to give Display Days readers some ideas for Father's Day gifts!"

One great way to get some ideas for the Dad in your life is to take a look at some of our past posts on Display Days. You may see a post that really reminds you of something your Dad might like. An even better idea is to visit our Pinterest Boards. I know I've talked about Pinterest before...because I'm in LOVE with it! If you haven't checked it out yet....what are you waiting for? Simply put, Pinterest is an online bulletin board for you to "pin" your ideas to whenever you want. If you are visiting a website and see an item or an idea that you really like, you can copy and paste the URL into a new pin. Or, if the website you are on is up to speed, the way that Fine Home Displays is, the page may have a "Pin It" button for you to use. This is what it looks like:
And here is what it looks like on our's small, but look at the bottom of the photo. There are links to our Facebook, our Twitter, our Pinterest, our Delicious and our Google+ pages.

Just click on the Pinterest logo to add this item
to one of your Pinterest boards. So Easy!
If you're having trouble navigating Pinterest...just go to our boards first by either clicking here or going to Pinterest and searching for Fine Home Displays. You should see our logo pop up under the search bar when you do this. We have entire boards focused on specific display categories, like pocket watch displayscoin displayssports memorabilia displays, and shot glass displays. Take a look at our pins on these boards to get some great ideas for your Dad.

Now that I've got my mini lesson on Pinterest out of the way, let's get back to Dads!  If the Dad in your life collects anything, chances are good that there are probably at least some of his "prized possessions" still in boxes in his closet, his "man cave", or in the basement or attic. Imagine the surprise on his face on Father's Day if you had collected his prized mementos and gotten them together in some sort of a display as a gift for him! If that special guy already has some of his collectibles on display, you can take your cue from him, and get a display case, dome, or whatever is needed that coordinates with his other displays.

Coordinating baseball memorabilia cases

 If he doesn't have any of his collectibles on display, you may have a bit of a daunting task ahead of you! You may have to sort through all of your Dad's/Grandad's/Husband's/Uncle's...etc. collection, and sort them into categories. Let's say your guy has a special interest in baseball memorabilia to stick with the theme of our photos, and he's collected baseball cards, signed baseballs, baseball jerseys, and baseball bats. Just going through everything and organizing it either by type of item or by player, or team could be a huge gift. You could make it even more meaningful by creating a master list of the collection. The presentation of that list could make quite a nice gift for that disorganized Dad!

Sorting through and organizing a collection
is a gift all by itself!
Another fun and helpful gift for a Dad who doesn't yet have his collection on display is to print off some of those display ideas that you can find on Pinterest. Take a look at some of the great collections on display I found when I searched for sports memorabilia displays:

What a collection!

Perfect way to display sports memorabilia for the Dad
who loves to work out too!
What a cool sports bar set up!

In the the first photo you can see that this collector has had the collecting bug for a long time! If your Dad has quite an extensive collection, this might be a good photo/Pin to share with him. This looks like a great place to host a party for the big game!

The guy who created the look in the second photo is obviously a gym buff...but he's set up an awesome gym in his own home! What better way to stay motivated while you're working out than to be in the midst of either your own awards or sports memorabilia from your athletic heroes? Plus, it's a great way to add a little bit of warmth and personality to a home gym. This actually looks like a room that you would want to spend some time in.

Maybe because it's almost Happy Hour, but I'm loving the third photo! The framed sports jerseys against the sand blasted brick looks so cool! Like a real sports bar...only in your own home! Looks like there might be more collectible goodies under the glass on the bar. Looks like a fun place to hang out with friends.

You could create an entire "look book" for the Dad in your life so he has plenty of great ideas to get started with displaying his collection. And then of course, a nice card letting him know how much you care, and including an offer to help him get it all on display would be the finishing touch to a wonderful Father's Day!

If you find an idea on Pinterest, and have more questions about which display accessory might help create the perfect look, remember that Fine Home Displays is always here to help! Just contact us via email, or call us at 866-381-2343 and we'll do our best to answer all of your questions.

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Lyenochka Djakov


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