Summer Memories...and How to Preserve Them

It's hard to believe the summer is almost over. But as the cooler weather sets in, the days get a bit shorter, and football season begins, it's time to admit it....Summer 2013 will soon be just a memory.

So how can you keep those summer memories alive during the upcoming cold winter days? At Fine Home Displays, we've got a few ideas for you!

Were you lucky enough to squeeze in a beach vacation this year? Want to remember strolling along a nice wide sandy beach, with the warm ocean waters tickling your toes? Well, if you collected some sea shells during your visit, a glass dome is the perfect way to display them, and bring  back those memories!

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If you've collected many shells, then filling the dome to the brim is a great way to showcase your collection. But if you've got a few showstoppers or unusual sea shells, then placing just a few inside your dome will highlight their beauty.

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If you collected not only shells, but also some sand from your favorite beach, you may want to make what I call a Beach Globe. I got the idea from a beautiful piece of art that I fell in love with and bought from a local gallery in Columbus, Ohio's Short North, PM Gallery.

Aren't these just great? Just gazing into it makes you feel beachy...and you can almost hear the ocean waves! Well I thought how great it would be to create something like this but with sand and shells that I actually collected while on vacation.

I happened to be fortunate enough to take a vacation this year on the beaches of South of my favorite places. I've gone for years now....and always miss it between visits. So this year, I decided to make my own Beach Globe. 

Once I returned home, I let the sand I collected sit out in an open bowl so that it could fully dry. I also washed the shells I selected, and let them air dry. Once the drying process was complete (I gave it a good 48 hours), I got my 4" x 4" dome ready by dusting out the inside with a clean. lint free cloth. Then, I used Elmer's glue to put a thick bead of glue in the groove of the oak finish base where the dome rests. Then, I turned my dome upside down, placed my shells in, and poured the sand over top. Once I had the amount in that I wanted, I grabbed the base and put it on the upside down dome like a lid. I pressed them together, and carefully turned the dome right side up and placed it on the counter to let the glue dry. This took about 24 hours. I'm loving the finished result!

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Now, whenever I'm longing for the salty air and the hot sand between my toes, I can look to my Beach Globe and remember what a great time I had with my family this summer. I think I'll even use a Sharpie to write "Summer, 2013" on the bottom of my Beach Globe.

I used a 4" x 4" dome, but really, you could select any size. 

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A smaller 3" x 4.25" glass dome would be perfect for smaller shells or a collection of beach rocks from the rocky shores of New England, as in the picture above on the right.  Or for larger shells, you could use a slight larger dome, like our 5.5" x 8" display dome (again in the photo above). It would be really cool to use one of our larger domes, like a 10" x 10" or a 12" x 15" if you had a collection of large sized conch shells!

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If you've collected just a few special shells like the ones in the above photos, you may even want to display them on their own inside a glass dome like this.

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We'd love to hear any ideas you have about how to create a memento from your summer vacation! And let us know if you need any help selecting the perfect display accessory for your summer memories!

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Lyenochka Djakov


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