And...We're Back!

After quite a long hiatus, Display Days is back! Since our last post, our business, FHD Unlimited, Inc., has undergone quite a transformation. We thought we'd give you a quick update about what we've been up to and what's kept us away from Display Days.

We are still family owned and operated, but now, just by the original two women who started it all, back in 2002, with Fine Home Designs. Over the years, we have had the pleasure of working with a number of different people as partners in our business and as staff. But it became evident to us that our original partnership was the best for our business. So after some serious talks, we made the move to bring the company back to the beginning. It is one of the best decisions we have ever made.

Speaking of Fine Home Designs, we have also phased that site out and melded it with our flagship site, Fine Home Displays. So our new flagship is now Fine Home Designs & Displays.

Fine Home Displays, Fine Home Designs
Our new headline!

Merging these two webstores has been an exciting process of making new product lines available to our customers. Some of the new items you may notice are elegant candle holders, wall mirrors for decorating, LED lighted trees, beautiful vintage jewelry, and accent furniture...and there's more to come including more new fashion accessories and yard and patio decor. This has been a sort of rebirth for us, and we've had a great time finding and working with new vendors, most of whom are entrepreneurs who are running their own small businesses with great success.

vintage necklaces, leather cuffs with vintage rhinestones, antique jewelry
A sneak peek at some of the new lines of vintage inspired jewelry that we have at Fine Home Displays

wall mirrors, accent furniture, candle holders, display trees, fine home displayswall mirrors, accent furniture, candle holders, display trees, fine home displays
Just some of the new items available from Fine Home Displays

Along the way of all that change, we've updated our website so that it is more user friendly and secure. We have a refreshed look, and you can easily see more product on each page that you visit. And it's easy to get more information about any item by clicking on the photo, or on the words "More Details>". One of the most important updates is one that you may not notice when you are browsing our store. If you look closely at the browser bar, you will see that the little "lock" is displayed in green, indicating that your entire stay on our site is encrypted, private, and secure. This means that no third parties can track what you are looking at in our store. This may seem like a small thing, but we take our customers' privacy seriously, and want you to be able to shop on our site knowing that you are not being observed by marketing or advertising companies.

secure site, https
All pages on Fine Home Designs & Displays are secure!

Another exciting innovation on our website is the ability to review products! With our new update, customers can now offer their input on the products they buy. This will not only help us to refine our product offerings, but these reviews will help all of you as you try to decide which plate rack or glass dome will suit your needs best! We are so excited to hear from all of you!

product reviews, fine home displays, fhd unlimited, updated website
Customer Reviews!

So that's a little about what's been happening with us. How about you? What are the new things you are looking to display in your home or retail setting? How have your collections changed since our last post? We'd love to hear from you!