Great Gift Ideas for Mother's Day Part Two: Yard & Garden Decor

Ahhhhh.....Spring is in full swing in May!

May is one of my favorite months of the year - Spring is really settled in, and most  years, the sun is out just about every day, the temperatures are warm, but not too hot yet, flowers are in bloom, and all of the trees have fresh, new and vibrant green leaves. The weather in May just makes me want to spend as much time as possible outside.

My guess is that there are many people (in the Northern Hemisphere anyway!) that feel the same way about this magical month, including most Moms! Why not capitalize on this time of year by getting the special Mom in your life something to help her enjoy time in her own backyard, on her patio, front porch or balcony as a Mother's Day gift?

These yards are missing any decor items
What's missing here?

Check out these back yards...
Beautiful right? Manicured grass, stunning patios, natural looking stone walls....but what's missing? None of these back yards have any kind of decor items. It would be like walking into a home that only had stunning architecture, but only a couple of utilitarian chairs, and maybe a table in the rooms - no artwork hung on the walls, not personal mementos anywhere. We would notice how strange that was right away. Why should our back yard be any different?

Bird Baths are a great way to attract nature to your yard
What bird wouldn't love to take a bath here?

I'm sure any Mom would love to hang out in one of these back yards, but why not make these beautiful back yards even better? I love that each of these yards has landscaping with trees and bushes that will attract birds. Adding in a bird bath or a bird feeder could make these yards even more inviting to all types of feathered friends. One summer day, I looked out in my back yard and saw no fewer than 20 robins taking turns playing and cleaning themselves in the bird bath I had recently put out. I spent about ten minutes watching them, wondering how they all communicated to each other that my yard was the place to be on a hot summer day? Does your Mom enjoy bird watching? If so, then a sweet bird bath might be the perfect Mother's Day gift for her!

Frog Butler Bird Feeder
This adorable bird feeder doubles as a side table!
Bird feeders are also tons of fun....It's always interesting to see what kinds of birds show up to eat what kinds of food. If the important mom in your life really enjoys the birds in the backyard, it might be worth considering getting her a book like this one, National Geographic Backyard Guide to the Birds of North America (National Geographic Backyard Guides). She could sit out in the backyard watching all of the birds come in to bathe or eat, and enjoy learning more about them. Plus, if you get that book ahead of time, you can always use it to help you figure out what kind of food goes with the types of birds that frequent your backyard!

Singing in the Rain Frog Lantern for Back YardWhile it's always lovely to sit outside on a warm spring day, I always enjoy it when it gets warm enough to be out on the patio in the evening. That time of day, after work, when twilight is approaching, and the world slows down a bit. If this sounds like something your Mom would enjoy, some back yard lanterns might be the perfect gift for her!
Lanterns can be used with traditional candles, or even better, with LED candles that can be put on a timer. I'm betting that Mom would love to look out into her backyard and see a beautiful yard lantern with a glowing candle, without having to go and actually light the candle!

A lovely chiminea like this one is another great gift idea for the Mom who likes to hang out on the patio in the evenings. I love the rubbed bronze finish on this one, as well as the screened lid that can be laid on top to help keep sparks from flying about.                

                                               Just imagine roasting marshmallows over the fire and enjoying smores as a family, or Mom having some down time out by the fire, relaxing all on her own. Sounds like Mom Heaven!

If none of this sounds like it is up your Mom's alley, but she still loves the outdoors....that is, the wilderness of her own back yard, then maybe some decorative planters for herbs, annuals and other plants would make a great Mother's Day gift for her.

Frog Patio Planter
Another Adorable Frog!
Precarious Planter with Bird and 6 pots
A Cool Asymmetrical Planter

Moms who enjoy gardening would surely appreciate a gift like this! You might also get a few lovely plants to fill the planter you choose and have it all set up for Mom on her special day. The plants will brighten the yard all through the summer, and the planter will last a lifetime of summers!

Be sure to tune in for the next post in the Display Days Mother's Day series where we'll help you find the perfect gift for the Mom who loves decorating!


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